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Before buying a property, a purchaser will usually find out about problems with the property through a building & pest report. But there are some issues that will not be covered by these reports, such as tree disputes that are likely to occur in the future. If the branches of your neighbour’s trees have not […]

Easement over your neighbour’s property

An easement is the legal right to use another person’s property for a specific purpose or use. Some common types of easements include: easement for services i.e. water pipes, sewage, power lines etc. easement for access e. shared driveway easement for support Dominant tenement means the land benefiting from the easement. Servient tenement means the […]

Parents Money

There are certain matters to consider before giving money to your child. Do not simply gift/loan money to your child without knowing the associated risks. At Anderson Boemi Lawyers, we understand that as a parent you would want to financially support your children, particularly given the high cost of living in Australia, which is the […]

Family law matter

Recently, a new bill has passed in the state of New South Wales becoming the first state in Australia to create an offence of coercive and control. This new law involves certain patterns of behaviour to a current or former intimate partner with the intent to coerce and control which includes denying the victim their […]

Protect ny Child

If you are concerned that your ex-partner may take your child overseas without your consent, then you may wish to place your child on the Family Law Watchlist to avoid the risk of abduction. The Family Law Watchlist (previously known as the Airport Watchlist) is a national program which operates at an international level and […]

Time limit

When NSW Police receive a complaint or information about an offence, they will usually start their investigations. During their investigations police will decide on whether there is enough evidence to lay charges against an accused person. Police will also identify the time and type of the alleged offence. In NSW criminal offences are usually divided […]

What is Land Tax?

Land tax is an annual tax payable at the end of each calendar year on properties that are above the land tax threshold. It is calculated on the combined value of all properties owned by you. If the total value does not exceed the land tax threshold, no land tax is payable. The Valuer General […]

No one wants to buy a property with underlying issues. As appealing as a house may be, there may be pests, defects, or even harmful substances such as asbestos that may go unnoticed. It is our strong recommendation that a pest and building inspection be carried out by a licenced and insured inspector, prior to […]

Did you know that your divorce can affect your will? In NSW, divorce will revoke the provisions of a will that provides for any assets distributed to your ex-partner. Further, if you have appointed your ex-partner as an executor or trustee in your will, this will also be revoked. The above will not apply if […]

The Self-drive feature is also known as driverless car or robo-car. Most electric vehicles have inbuilt visual display units where you can enter your destination and select the self-drive feature. The self-drive feature senses its environment and moves safely with little or no human input. It identifies navigation paths, obstacles, and signage. So, can I be fined? […]