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Do you have cold feet about your recent property purchase? Keep reading to find out how you, as a property buyer, can pull out from the deal after you have signed the contract of sale without any major legal or financial implications. In New South Wales, when buying residential property, buyers are provided with a […]

A purchaser under a Contract for Sale in New South Wales in required to pay a deposit upon exchange. This is generally 10% of the purchase price. The balance of the purchase price is then paid at settlement. If a purchaser defaults under the Contract, the seller may be able to keep the 10% deposit. […]

Much harsher penalties have been introduced as of 28 June 2021 for drivers who are caught with both alcohol and illegal drugs in their system. In order to reflect the seriousness of these offences, new laws have been passed by Parliament, known as the ‘Four Angels Rule,’ following the shocking deaths of four children in […]

Increased penalties for corporations who fail to nominate a driver for camera recorded traffic offences in a bid to tackle the circumvention of fines and demerit points came into force in July 2021. If an individual commits a camera-detected traffic offence with a company car, such as speeding or using a mobile phone while driving, […]

If you have an unregistered or unwanted firearm or prohibited weapon, this is an opportunity to surrender it without any penalty. The Australian Government has partnered with Crime Stoppers Australia to implement a permanent national firearms amnesty, which will take effect on July 1, 2021, to keep Australians safe while allowing individuals with a legitimate […]

Anderson Boemi Lawyers Property Update: 100% e-conveyancing to take effect in NSW by 11 October 2021 On 5 July 2021, the New South Wales Registrar General announced changes to Land Titles and Conveyancing in New South Wales. The changes which will commence from 11 October 2021, will include:   All land dealings to be lodged […]

Having an up-to-date and valid will is an essential part of caring for your family. To find out more about how separation and divorce can affect your Will read on. It is common for spouses to appoint each other as executor or executrix of each other’s Will and/or as one of the main beneficiaries of […]

Now that a COVID-19 vaccine is available in Australia, several workplaces have started wondering whether they can make the vaccine mandatory for employees. Similarly, many employees are currently unsure as to what their rights are. Read on to find out more.   The current laws   As at the date of this article, there are […]

Unfair dismissal claims are regularly brought by employees against employers upon termination of employment. However, strict timelines apply to both employees and employers. Further, strict guidelines apply in relation to who can make an unfair dismissal claim. Read on to find out more. Under section 390 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Act) a dismissed employee can make […]

The NorthConnex tunnel motorway is finally here. Expected to open within the next week (hopefully), the NorthConnex tunnel promises to make significant changes to the all too familiar Pennant Hills Road traffic jam. Trucks will largely be removed from Pennant Hills Road with a $194.00 fine for those drivers who choose to avoid the tunnel […]