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At Anderson Boemi Lawyers we provide our clients with the option to settle their matters now through Divorce in a Day (being Family Dispute Resolution).

Divorce in a Day works by engaging an independent accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (with the added benefit of that person also being an experienced family lawyer) to assist you and your former partner resolve important matters that arise in the confusion and chaos of separation.

Family Dispute Resolution can be used to assist parties to resolve:

  • Property matters;
  • Parenting/children’s matters;
  • Child support agreements.

Family dispute resolution (FDR) is compulsory in matters involving children.  This means that people who want the court to resolve their parenting (children’s) matters must first attend FDR and make a genuine effort to come to an agreement. There are some exceptions where compulsory attendance at FDR is not necessary. They are matters involving:

  • Family violence;
  • Child abuse; or
  • Urgent matters

What does FDR involve ?

FDR involves the parties working together, assisted and guided by a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to:

  • Identify the issues which need to be addressed and resolved;
  • Exploring ideas and options;
  • Reality testing different options;
  • Reaching agreement.

What is the role of a FDR practitioner?

It is important to understand that the role of the Family Dispute Resolution practitioner is:

  • To be impartial and fair to both parties;
  • To help the parties resolve their dispute;
  • To explain the general legal principles that are relevant in the circumstances; and
  • Not to give legal advice.

What is the benefit of FDR with us?

The benefit we at Divorce in a Day offer is that our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are legally trained and highly skilled in resolving family law matters. We are trained to assist parties resolve their disputes and reach workable solutions in both parenting and property matters. We know the importance of identifying a range of solutions and realty testing possible outcomes.

Marissa Boemi is an experienced family lawyer and accredited family dispute resolution practitioner who believes FDR allows people to resolve their differences in a cost effective and mutually respectful way. People involved in FDR arrive at a solution themselves rather than having a Court thrust a solution upon them.  Whilst some cases cannot be resolved without Court proceedings, where possible you should avoid the stress, delays and financial burden.

If you are of the view that FDR may assist you in resolving your matter, please contact our office on 02 9653 9466.