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Driving & Traffic

breakfast while work

While most of us have become accustomed to drive through take away which allows us to purchase food products without leaving our cars and self-driving cars are becoming increasingly popular as the self-drive features require little or no human input, the opportunity to eat and drink while driving is available at our fingertips. But is […]

The Self-drive feature is also known as driverless car or robo-car. Most electric vehicles have inbuilt visual display units where you can enter your destination and select the self-drive feature. The self-drive feature senses its environment and moves safely with little or no human input. It identifies navigation paths, obstacles, and signage. So, can I be fined? […]

When a court finds you guilty of either a mid-range, high-range, or repeated or related drink driving offences there is now a mandatory scheme requiring the person to enter the Alcohol Interlock Program. Once your disqualification period ends, a condition of the court order is you are then required to obtain an interlock licence and […]

The riding of private Electric Scooters or E-Scooters on a public street is currently illegal in New South Wales. They are legal in Victoria, the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania. However, from July 2022 an electric scooter scheme is being trialled in NSW at certain locations and is expected to last for 12 months but […]

Much harsher penalties have been introduced as of 28 June 2021 for drivers who are caught with both alcohol and illegal drugs in their system. In order to reflect the seriousness of these offences, new laws have been passed by Parliament, known as the ‘Four Angels Rule,’ following the shocking deaths of four children in […]

The NorthConnex tunnel motorway is finally here. Expected to open within the next week (hopefully), the NorthConnex tunnel promises to make significant changes to the all too familiar Pennant Hills Road traffic jam. Trucks will largely be removed from Pennant Hills Road with a $194.00 fine for those drivers who choose to avoid the tunnel […]

The phones are ringing already…. “Taxiiiiii!!! “ From 20 May low range drink-drivers can receive an on-the-spot suspension for 3 months. Warwick warns you that typically these offences occur the morning after or night before, so if you’re a bit of a drinking trooper – be smart and order an Uber. #safedriving #wisewarwick