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NorthConnex – New Roads, More Tolls, Fines, Rebates and Confusion

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The NorthConnex tunnel motorway is finally here.

Expected to open within the next week (hopefully), the NorthConnex tunnel promises to make significant changes to the all too familiar Pennant Hills Road traffic jam.

Trucks will largely be removed from Pennant Hills Road with a $194.00 fine for those drivers who choose to avoid the tunnel (no demerit points will accrue).

You cannot use Pennant Hills Road if you are a:

  • Truck or bus over 12.5 metres long;
  • Truck or bus over 2.8 metres clearance height;
  • A class 1 vehicle up to 2.5 metres wide and 4.6 metres clearance height, and 25 metres long; or
  • A class 2 or 3 vehicle (current permits will no longer be valid)

Vehicles that must use Pennant Hills Road (not NorthConnex) include:

  • A vehicle transporting a placard load of dangerous goods; or
  • An oversized vehicle operating under a Class 1 permit or notice approved to use Pennant Hills Road

For more information see:

Caravans, Boats and Horse Floats

Drivers towing caravans, boats and horse floats with a total combined length of the car and the towed vehicle greater than 12.5 metres or more than 2.8 metres high are eligible for cheaper tolls (everywhere except the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel).

The catch is that you must apply for a rebate and it is limited to eight tolled trips per monthly billing period.

The rebate will reduce the toll to the same as for private use vehicles (Class A toll vehicles). There are a few conditions that must be met before the rebate can be claimed.

For more information see:


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