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How will I know when my marriage is over?

  • By:Anderson Boemi

Commonly we get asked “How will I know when my marriage is over? When is enough enough?”. This question generally does not come out of the blue, but rather from someone that has been contemplating separation for some time.

My response to this question is commonly “one day, you will wake up and something will happen to make you say to yourself “enough is enough”. The trigger on that day, will not necessarily be something major, and the littlest of things may be what finally makes you decide that “today is the day”, it is the little thing that comes after years of arguments, low moments outweighing the highs, and feeling that you are doing all on your own.”

Yes, those first days and months of being separated are overwhelming, but not anymore overwhelming than being in an unhappy or abusive relationship?

Step 1 to finding your freedom is taking that first step!

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