Family Dispute Resolution

family dispute resolution legal practicesFamily Dispute Resolution (FDR) concentrates on resolving specific disputes between people affected by separation and divorce without going to Court. Issues involving property, money and children, are suitable for FDR.

FDR practitioners are impartial third parties who help explore your family issues without taking sides. Family Dispute Resolution is confidential (except in specific circumstances such as where family violence is present) and aims to resolve disputes by agreement between the parties, saving time, money and stress.

The law now requires couples to attend FDR in a genuine attempt to resolve disputes before applying to a Court for a parenting Order. If the dispute cannot be resolved,  an accredited FDR practitioner can provide the appropriate certificate to the Court so that legal proceedings can be started.

Marissa Boemi is an accredited Family Dispute Practitioner and can help you through the mediation process. Alternatively, Marissa is able to provide you with the necessary certificate before your matter proceeds to litigation.

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