About Anderson Boemi Lawyers

Established in 2006, Anderson Boemi Lawyers is a growing modern legal firm with extensive experience in providing legal services to residents in Dural, Sydney’s Hills District and wider New South Wales.

Marissa Boemi and Warwick Anderson, the firm’s Principal’s, have years of practice management experience and have built the practice with a strong client-focus and by forming close relationships with their clients and the community.
The firm’s clients include businesses both large and small, families, individuals and investors both within Australia and internationally.

In addition to our own expertise we have a reliable network of other experts who provide further assistance and advice to our clients when necessary.

Latest News

New Swimming Pool Requirements
New Regulations for Swimming Pools – Get Registered NOW.

Earlier this year, we posted a blog about changes in the swimming pool requirements that were effective from 29 April 2014. However, the NSW Office of Local Government has recently extended the compliance certificate date by 12 months.

We take this opportunity to remind you that you must also have your pool registered – this must be done immediately (this should already have been done). Contact us today before it’s too late.

Changes that WILL affect your ability to get Credit

Changes to Privacy Laws that will effect applications for Credit

Most people find laws that relate to privacy and credit boring and irrelevant, however changes to the privacy laws from March 2014 will change the way credit providers will assess applications for credit.

This will apply from everything from credit card applications to home loans and therefore has the ability to affect every Australian. Read more…