Traffic Offenders Program

What is the Traffic Offenders Program?

Traffic Offenders Program

The Traffic Offenders Program (TOP) is a course available to you if you have pleaded guilty to or if you have been found guilty of, a traffic offence.

There are a variety of locations which offer the program. Each location varies in times and length of the course, but generally the courses have between six to ten sessions of between 60 and 120 minutes each.

A full list is available at: and this is updated regularly.

We will work with you to find the best course suited to your needs.

Attendance at any of these courses is available before you are sentenced. We will apply for your referral on your behalf to the Court. The magistrate will assess if you are eligible and suitable to attend (for instance if you have attended before you usually are not eligible to attend again). You will then have to sign a Program Participation Order.

Once the magistrate approves your referral, they will adjourn your matter for sentencing to after you have completed the nominated course. This is usually for a period of eight to ten weeks.

145834155Each TOP session focuses on a different topic such as: Road Safety, Drinking/drug taking and driving, Ambulance, Police, Insurance perspectives, Alcohol and drug education, legal consequences and impact of traffic offences and maintaining vehicles safely.

Participation in the course can improve your chances of minimising the impact of the charges made against you as it shows a commitment to changing your attitude toward driving. We will recommend that you attend the course.

Contact our office to find out more information in relation to drink driving offences and the Traffic Offenders Course.