Last year we posted a blog about the new swimming pool requirements that were to become effective on 29 April 2015.
New Swimming Pool Requirements extended - Get registered now before it's too late
 The NSW Office of Local Government has recently announced that they will again extend this date by 12 months.

As of 29 April 2016, you will be unable to sell or lease a property with a swimming pool without a valid Certificate of Compliance evidencing that your swimming pool complies with all the compulsory safety requirements.

You can obtain a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance from your local council or from an accredited certifier under the Building Professional Act. An application form can usually be found on your local councils website.

Your Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance is valid for three years from the date of issue.
If you are intending to sell or lease your property in 2016 you may wish to obtain a Certificate of Compliance sooner rather than later. Remember, you may not receive your certificate on the first inspection. The Council may require you to undertake further work to make your pool compliant. If this is left until the last minute it may delay any sale or lease until you have complete the work required, organised another inspection and received your certificate.

Finally, a reminder that your pool should be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register located at The requirement for registration is already in effect, if you have not already done so do not delay and register today!

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