1. Finance: Will you need to take out a loan or are you a cash purchaser? Make sure you calculate how much money will be needed – including removalist costs, legal fees etc.

2. Property Enquiries: Make sure you research about the property and its surroundings because there may be plans for development around the area.

3. Stamp Duty: Remember to take into consideration the amount of stamp duty you will be required to pay.

4. Land Tax: If you are not eligible to pay land tax, however there is land tax owing on a property you may be left with having to pay what is outstanding. Query this before entering into a Contract for sale. Furthermore will your subsequent purchase mean that you will be liable to pay land tax in future.

5. Other ongoing expenses: What additional costs are associated with the property:
• Council rates
• Water rates
• Strata levies
• Community levies5 quick tips to purchasing real estate
• Land tax
• Gas
• Water usage
• Electricity

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Last Modified: October 14, 2015

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