Collaborative Law

Collaborative lawCollaborative Law is an alternative approach to settling disputes, rather than going to Court.

If you decide to undertake the collaborative process, then you make a commitment with the other party and your Lawyers to attempt to resolve your dispute through negotiation, by working together to find a workable solution. You enter into a ‘participation agreement’ which disqualifies either sides lawyer from commencing future litigation in relation to the family dispute.

The Collaborative approach usually consists of “4-way” face-to-face meetings with each party and their lawyer. This means correspondence between lawyers is minimised, instead you have a more ‘hands on’ approach to resolving the dispute, and you are assisted by skilled lawyers who are trained to negotiate and reach compromised settlement, suitable for both parties concerned.

Contact us if you think the Collaborative Process could work for you. We have trained lawyers who can evaluate your situation and help you achieve a collaborated outcome without the stress and expense of litigation.

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